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Yesterday alone, people used Wikipedia 84.9 million times to look something up.

Within the english language section of Wikipedia, there are now 6.1 million articles, of which 25,958 have been edited by 10,317 registered editors within the last 24 hours.

Let's check Wikipedia:   
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Wikipedia is the world’s leading resource of knowledge and the largest reference work on the Internet. The encyclopaedia comprises more than 6.08 million articles in English, and 17.65 million in all languages. Wikipedia is the largest collaborative work in history, having replaced numerous traditional printed encyclopaedias.
Yet the accuracy of its articles is often questioned. For users it is difficult to prove their reliability. Moreover, the huge number of rules set up within Wikipedia and its anonymous administrators and editors has made it a challenge to understand Wikipedia.

Wiki-Watch aims at enhancing the transparency of Wikipedia by proving the body of source material of each Wikipedia article. Based on scientific criteria, Wiki-Watch facilitates the assessment of each Wikipedia article. It is a central tool for anyone using Wikipedia. Especially for media professionals, Wiki-Watch serves as a research tool indicating lack of sources and evaluating the reliability of every single entry ever made, using WikiTrust’s color code system to display the reputation of a text according to the reputation and number of revisions by users. We are thus helping to spot unrevised changes within Wikipedia’s articles.
Furthermore, Wiki-Watch is shedding light on edit wars and deletions, as well as on the activities of administrators and power editors.

Prof. Dr. Johannes Weberling
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