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Wikipedia vs. fake news - a fair fight? (12.09.2017)
Is Wikipedia a tool for the common internet user to spot fake news when they stumble upon them? What is fake news? Fake news are false reports...
Wikipedians on Egyptian protests: Time to call it a revolution? (01.02.2011)
While thousands rally in Egyptian cities today to raise their voices to force President Mubarak from power, the people's massive protests are...
Wiki-Watch.org: a new tool to evaluate the quality of Wikipedia’s articles (13.01.2011)
Online service checking both the reliability of any article – and of any word within A new tool to evaluate the quality of Wikipedia articles...
Ten Simple Rules for Editing Wikipedia (12.01.2011)
Article by Darren W. Logan, Massimo Sandal, Paul P. Gardner, Magnus Manske, Alex Bateman Wikipedia is the world's most successful online...
„5 Stars at Wiki-Watch“ – How does our formal rating work? (12.01.2011)
The quantity of sources and authors of an article are our primary criteria Preliminary remarks The allocation of the stars and the...

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