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Wikipedia is the world's leading resource of knowledge. Most internet users make use of the encyclopaedia, but hardly anybody knows about its backgrounds and fundamental principles. A brief overview:

Fundamental principles and guidelines

  • The 'Neutral Point of View' shall be the basis for any article. (WP:NPOV)
  • Articles about people still alive: If in doubt, respect the privacy of the individual in question. (WP:BIO)
  • Does a topic merit its own article on Wikipedia? The notability criteria (WP:RK)

Wikipedia about iself:

  • Ten things you may not know about Wikipedia (WP:10)

Administrators and arbitrators

Administrators are elected by those editors entitled to vote. This article describes the prerequisites for applying for adminship on the English Wikipedia. Conditions might differ in the various language sections. The Arbitration Committee is the panel of editors responsible for conducting the Wikipedia arbitration process. It has the authority to impose binding solutions to disputes between editors.
  • List of active administrators (WP:LA)
  • Arbitration Committee (WP:AC)

Common acronyms used on Wikipedia:

  • afk: Away from keyboard
  • Disc: Discussion page on which the article's content is discussed
  • eod: End of Discussion
  • NPOV: Neutral Point of View
  • SD: Speedy deletion
  • POV: (Describing) point of view, allegedly contrary to the Neutral Point of View*
  • NOTE: Notability criteria on Wikipedia
  • VAN: Report vandalism to an administrator
*Actually the neutral point of view is a subgroup of any points of view. The true antipode to neutral point of view is the non neutral (biased) point of view.


Legal issues on Wikipedia

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